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President Mas: “I do thank you for the services rendered”

Artur Mas has grateful the support of “all the people that have done him confidence” the last 5 years, “absolutely to everybody, to those that have been defending our positions and to those that have combated them democratically and peacefully”

05/02/2016 13:02
Els presidents Mas i Puigdemont durant l'acte de presa de possessió

Els presidents Mas i Puigdemont durant l'acte de presa de possessió

  • President Mas leaves the Presidency of Catalonia with “great tranquillity” after having serving his term in office with “sincere and honest intentions”


During the official ceremony to swear in the newly elected Executive of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, the until now President, Artur Mas, explained that he had come into office with “sincere and honest intentions to serve Catalonia” and that he leaves the Presidency “with the same sentiment and conviction of having served this country to the best of my abilities”. During his speech Artur Mas also expressed his appreciation for the support received by all those who have “helped to lead the country in difficult, decisive and exciting times”. “I do thank you for the services rendered, everyone, absolutely everyone; those who think like us and those who do not; those who have been defending our positions, and those of you have fought them in a peaceful and democratic manner”, said the former president during his speech, which was received with a standing ovation.


During the event, which took place in the Palau de la Generalitat, President Mas insisted that after five years of having served the country, he leaves the Presidency of Catalonia with “great tranquillity”. “One is always grateful when serving a country, and to serve a country like Catalonia, one is thankful twice over”, Mas explained, even “amid the difficulties or when facing great challenges” he added.


Furthermore, President Mas thanked Carles Puigdemont for “having accepted the challenge of being the 130th president of Catalonia in these exciting decisive and transcendent moments in our country”.